Software Development

Satelcom Wireless has expert R&D software engineering staff which study of communication area. These areas has wide spectrum which is innovative products, TÜBİTAK (government research institution) supported projects, product localizations, military needs. For R&D purposes of new products and technologies we use wide range of hardware platforms which including microprocessors, microcontrollers, DSPs, mobile devices, personal computers, servers and we use different programming languages (Assembly, C, PLC, JAVA, C#, MATLAB, Android, Shell Script) for development purposes. Our software development team is a member of our multidisciplinary R&D team, including mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and RF engineering.

Our Antennas : In order to carry out satellite communication while on the move (Satcom On The Move), we make all software developments related to the products used in UAV, Land Vehicle and Marine Vehicles. Apart from these high-tech products, we also develop software for Ground Antennas that follow UAVs, Antenna solutions that make bi-directional satellite communication on the vehicle and Magnetic Loop antenna solutions.

Our Stabilization Solutions : We are developing software for robust control stabilization algorithms, applications and tools to fix disruptive effects in mobile systems. Thus, the continuity of communication of all kinds of antennas in mobile systems without breaking the satellite connection is provided. The success of our stabilization solutions in real environment tests and tests on stewart platform can be seen. Various tests are also made with Matlab and Simulink models.

Our computers: Our computers, which we designed in line with industrial and military needs, have a wide range of uses such as flying vehicles, robotics, telecom, automation, energy, and radio modems. The customizations and developments of the Linux operating system of our ARM-based fanless industrial computer (has IP67 / IP32 protection) is made by our team. Our computer has industrial Ethernet, EtherCAT, CAN, RS232, RS422, RS485, ARINC and USB connections. We also have a Raspberry PI based computer with I/O connections (EtherCAT, CAN, RS232, RS485) for lighter needs.

Linux Engineering: We are working on customizing the Linux kernel and Linux file system in Intel and ARM architectures. Thus, we are developing an operating system that boots much faster, is extremely small, very stable, performs only the intended tasks, can be upgraded via web interface, is protected against reverse engineering work, and can perform real-time tasks.

Real-Time EtherCAT: We develop real-time EtherCAT applications in different hardware and software environments. We have Linux, DSP and Microcontroller based solutions for EtherCAT Master and EtherCAT Slave tasks. EtherCAT applications are frequently used for motor control and data collection tasks from sensors, but we can also use EtherCAT communication for our specifically designed cards. Our EtherCAT cycle time is on average 25 microseconds. During real time data flow, this data is processed at high speed in real time. Performance enhancing developments (optimizations) are made in the required sections.

Microcontroller, PLC and Mini Computers: We are developing software embedded in the cards that we designed with Nuvoton and all other kinds of microcontrollers. These cards can contain a wide variety of sensors (Acceleration, Angular Velocity, Compass, GPS, Tuner) and I/O units (EtherCAT, USB, CAN, RS232, RS485, GPIO, ADC, DAC). Kalman filtering and sensor fusion applications are also carried out on the cards. We realize PLC based software solutions with Codesys platform. We make developments and customizations for all kinds of mini computers that can run with Linux.

IOT Solutions: We make developments for all kinds of Ethernet, WiFi, GSM, LoRa, SDR based data transmission, routing, filtering, compression and encryption applications, especially router products.

Visual Applications: Development of desktop software / tools, especially for GTK, QT and Android-based interfaces, PC-based 2D/3D OpenGL simulation softwares, Video (recording, processing, compression, network transfer) applications for embedded systems.

Server Applications: We develop services that require stable service under heavy load such as web-based interfaces, IOT data collection, multi-threaded socket applications, JAVA-based web service services.