RF Design

In recent years, antennas and Radio Frequency systems have became more and more important  with the increase in demand for high speed data transmission and uninterrupted communication in the military field. To meet the needs arising in this field, Satelcom has specialist R&D engineers staffs working in the field of wireless communication.

Some of key achivements:

Ka, Ku Band Parabolic VSAT Antenna experience,
K Band LOS link antenna experience,
Ka band Satcom on the Move Antenna experience,
Ka, Ku Waveguide experience,
Low PIM 700 to 3000 MHz Termination Load experience,
LTE Band Diplexer experience,
HF Band Folded Dipole antenna experience,
HF Band NVIS Magnetic Loop antenna experience,

Satelcom creates unique solutions in line with the domestic and international customer demands, and products that have proven themselves internationally are developed. Solutions offered by Military Communication Systems meet the need of communication needs in many different areas such as land, air, offshore platforms in many countries of the world.

In this context, in order to provide Satcom On The Move(SOTM), UAV antenna, Ground Antennas that follow UAVs, antennas that carry out bi-directional satellite communication and antennas which use for both land and sea vehicles are developed. Except these high-tech products, RF systems and subsystems are improved for different communication systems such as HF Magnetic Loop antenna and HF Folded Dipole antenna systems, RF supply and RF control circuits.

The design of the realized products is developed by 3D electromagnetic simulation applications and various RF analysis applications. The designed products are optimized according to the best system performance and related standards. In designed systems RF material selection, determining the card structures to be used for the printed circuit, constructing and testing of connection interfaces and signal transmission structures are also the stages that are followed during the design processes.