Quality Policy

1. In order to provide useful services to our customers, to increase the satisfaction of all our customers, primarily with an attitude targeting excellence,

2. In the products and services we provide; Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, managing customer feedback effectively, eliminating processes that do not create value, delivering on time with effective use of resources and creating a quality management system that aims to continuously improve.

3. To provide a participatory and pluralistic management approach in our institution and to promote Leadership and employee participation in all our processes for this purpose,

4. To increase vocational training for continuous development,

5. To provide and execute the applicable conditions by continuously monitoring the effectiveness of the quality management system and making the necessary improvements,

6. Creating, implementing and implementing effective quality management systems in all processes in our institution in order to provide sustainable service at the level of international standards,

7. To establish a fast and effective working system by using technological opportunities in corporate communication with our suppliers and customers.


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