dev develops and manufactures a wide range of products and systems for optical and electrical transmission of Radio Frequency (RF) and broadband signals via coaxial cable or fiber. For over 20 years DEV has designed, engineered, and manufactured RF transmission equipment for satellite, broadcast, and cable applications. All products are built to meet the highest standards of system availability, reliability and manageability.

RF over Fiber (RFoF) refers to a technology that makes it possible to transmit RF signals over optical fiber. For this, the analog electrical signal is converted into an optical signal and transmitted over the fiber optic link. After that, it is converted back again in an optical receiver to an electrical signal for further processing. Due to significant lower loss in the optical domain compared to copper media it is possible to transmit CATV or L-Band RF signals with fidelity quality over very long distances with virtually zero latency.

Alpha Indoor Chassis | DEV 7181

Top RF over Fiber L-Band Link | DEV 7233 & DEV 7333

RF over Fiber Indoor Chassis | DEV 7113

L-Band Desktop RF over Fiber Links | DEV 728x & DEV 738x Series

RF over Fiber Outdoor Chassis | DEV 7152